Packaging & Speciality Papers

Where advantage is self-adhesive.

Sappi’s CCK and glassine silicone base papers promise exceptional siliconising properties and easy and efficient processing.

The Silicone Base Papers range is most commonly used as release liner (carrier paper) for pressure-sensitive adhesive applications, such as graphic arts, tapes, office material, labels and process liner, such as composite fibres (pre-pregs).


  • Excellent siliconising properties
  • Low silicone consumption coupled with a homogenous silicone surface
  • Fast curing of silicone
  • Very good silicone anchorage
  • Smooth and cost-efficient operation
  • Excellent converting properties
  • Wide range of products
  • Inert formulation = no chemical interaction with applied coatings
  • Excellent surface

CCK papers – Features

  • High dimensional stability and good lay-flat properties of the self-adhesive application
  • Good manual handling during processing
  • Low shrinkage of the paper during thermal stress
  • Low hygro expansion
  • High ply bond strength and stiffness; uniform calliper

Glassine papers – Features

  • Multiple colours
  • Supercalendered paper
  • Very constant thickness profile
  • High transparency
  • Almost all grades are siliconisable on both sides


  • A reliable and sustainable partner
  • Financially strong
  • Global availability
  • Well-established global brands for over 40 years
  • Consistent premium qualities
  • One-stop shop
    • CCK papers
    • Glassine papers
    • Face stock papers

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