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Because of their excellent capabilities and the superior quality consistency, Algro Design solid bleached boards have earned a stellar reputation. With a unique combination of flawless, bright-white finish, consistent shade, a remarkably silky feel, and superior UV light resistance, our high-quality solid bleached boards from the Algro Design product family deliver outstanding optical results as well as the highest precision in printing, processing, and finishing. They are the benchmark for sophisticated packaging and high-quality graphic applications.

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Solid Bleached Board

Algro Design Advanced

Algro Design® Advanced

Algro Design Advanced (C1S), with its double coated top- and light reverse side coating, delivers ultimate quality consistency on the top side and new levels of colour brilliance through advanced ink lift on the reverse side. Unlocking new potentials for your creativity.

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Algro Design Nature

Algro Design® Nature

Algro Design Nature (C1S), with its double coated top- and uncoated reverse side, is your complete solution for premium packaging and graphic applications requiring ultimate quality consistency.

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Algro Design Duo

Algro Design® Duo

Algro Design® Duo (C2S), with its symmetrical double coated top- and reverse side, provides identical print- and finishing performance whenever perfection and an immaculate look and feel is essential.

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Algro Design Card

Algro Design® Card

Algro Design® Card (C2S), with its double coated top- and single coated reverse side, is your ideal solution for enhanced reverse side printability without having to compromise between packaging protection and print performance.

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