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High transparency supply chain

With Paperini, Sappi has launched a digitisation project that is unique in the industry and that aims to solve current and future challenges for a smooth supply chain.

In addition to our constantly evolving product range, at Sappi, we are equally committed to improving our already high level of service. We use the latest technologies and innovative solutions to do this. In this way, customers will be able to track their paper deliveries even more precisely in the future. This is made possible by the Paperini platform, which is being rolled out in Europe in cooperation with several logistics and forwarding companies.


What is the idea behind Paperini?

Paperini is a pilot project that aims to provide a reliable answer to a frequently asked question: when exactly will ordered products arrive? In the paper processing industry in particular, punctuality is very important and that goods be available on schedule and ‘just in time’ for the anticipated further processing process.

In cross-border supply chains, there is always a risk that the ordered products may be held up at customs, run into traffic problems or be delayed for other reasons. We cannot prevent this with plattform, but by increasing transparency in the supply chain, we can significantly improve planning reliability for the customer. By taking appropriate measures, we can work with the customer to counteract any problems that arise.


Paperini digitises the supply chain

Status management plays a vital role in relation to transport in particular. Naturally, we know exactly whether and when the produced paper has left our plant. However, then there is the problem that reliable tracking of the paper is often no longer possible after this point. The ‘last mile’ is when the greatest challenges occur.

To overcome these challenges, Paperini uses every opportunity afforded by the digitisation of the supply chain. The goal not only relates to live tracking itself, but involves offering a comprehensive service platform that brings together all data – enhanced with useful added values mapped by artificial intelligence and big data analyses.


How tracking works

In theory, the functional principle is easy to explain: the forwarding company’s lorry has an integrated GPS tracker that continuously sends its location to a satellite. This in turn transmits the information to a telematics provider, who collects, analyses and processes the data.

Sappi works with a partner company that provides the necessary infrastructure and analytical ‘computer intelligence’, which enables an ETA (estimated time of arrival) to be calculated based on the location, current delivery date, live traffic situation and other data. Our partner also ensures that all Sappi forwarding companies are integrated into the system, so that all telematics data will be reliably available in the future.


Added value throughout the entire supply chain:

  • From order to delivery, customers benefit from comprehensive end-to-end transparency.
  • When the supply chain is transparent and well under control, customers can manage their stocks more efficiently, which also offers cost benefits.
  • Through proactive delay management, the customer is informed in advance in the event of any delays. Alternatives can also be offered if necessary.
  • Tracking works equally well for external and internal transport. For example, goods can also be tracked from a Sappi mill to an external warehouse.
  • In the future, the data will be visible down to the customer level, which will allow significant optimisation of the delivery performance.
  • In the same way, it will be possible to measure and assess the performance of individual forwarding companies.


Pilot market in France

We have an ambitious goal: we want up to 80% of all deliveries across Europe to be traceable via the Paperini platform. The focus is currently on the pilot market in France, where the volume of tracked deliveries is already almost 70%. After the continued integration of Northern and Central Europe, Southern Europe will then follow.

As this is a pilot project and there are some challenges to overcome, the functionality will be rolled out gradually to our customers. However, you can already look forward to the upcoming service innovation with which we will be consolidating our leading role in the continued digitalisation of our industry.

At Sappi, we are always looking at the needs of our customers, so that we can meet them with the right solutions. Including in terms of the supply chain. The end result of this is that you will have less to worry about after placing an order.