Packaging & Speciality Papers

Backup solution for your success – you can count on Sappi

Good alternative strategies and backup solutions as well as successful crisis management are called for in the case of unplanned downtime.

After the fire affecting paper machine (PM) 3 in the paper factory in Alfeld, Sappi demonstrated this to good effect. Part of the PM 3 product portfolio was quickly moved to other paper machines in Alfeld and Carmignano. After a thorough analysis of the damage and subsequent repair work, Sappi was able to successfully resume production on PM 3 within just ten weeks.

Sappi produces coated and uncoated speciality papers as well as solid bleached board on five paper machines in Alfeld. On 12 May, there was a fire in one of the production halls. The fire broke out near paper machine 3, which then had to be shut down. Fortunately, nobody was injured. However, a quick, simple solution was required to maintain supply to customers and to avoid interruptions in the supply chain for end customers, primarily in the food sector.

Strong team keeps production running

No sooner said than done: although PM 6 in Sappi’s factory in Carmignano (Italy) and PM 2 in Alfeld already had their own orders to fulfil, parts of the production was relocated effectively. This was a challenge that could only be overcome through close cooperation with customers as well as intensive logistical and planning work. The result is clear to see. All customers continued to receive the high quality they have come to expect, while customer relationships were further strengthened by the increased need for everybody to pull together. Now, there is no doubt: even in case of a fire, you can count on Sappi!

I would like to thank our customers. During what was already a difficult time, they showed tremendous understanding and helped us to make up for the downtime successfully with backup solutions.

Michael Bethge, Sales Director Consumer Goods and Self-Adhesive, Sappi Europe

The most important thing, however, is that nobody was hurt. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all those involved, our plant fire service and the local fire services, who made sure that the fire was extinguished within a few hours. The repair work also went according to plan. Paper machine 3 has been back in full operation since the end of July. All production runs were carefully re-examined during the repair work in order to get back to the high quality levels and ensure that they meet the specifications in place. We are delighted that all paper types produced on PM 3 in Alfeld are now available again as normal.