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Video stream: containerboard for bigger wow factor at POS

Bernd Gelder

Do you want to learn more about our clever all-round solution for a top-quality brand experience at points of sale? Did you miss our special live stream produced for our virtual interpack event? No problem. First find out what to expect and then learn all about the benefits of Fusion Topliner.

Bernd Gelder is Product Manager Containerboard Division Packaging and Specialty Papers at Sappi Europe and can tell you all about the latest trends and demands in the corrugated board market. In the live stream, he wants to address one question in particular. Namely, whether our Fusion Topliner is a niche product or whether it could be an all-rounder.


Fusion Topliner: all-rounder or niche product?

In times defined by e-commerce and such like, Brand Owners, Manufacturers and Retailers are increasingly interested in lightweight and smaller packaging sizes. First and foremost, to reduce materials and as a result, increase the sustainability of packaging. Consumers are also looking at it in this way. Studies suggest that 85% of consumers are willing to pay around 12% more for sustainably packaged products*.

But what does brand packaging need to do in order not only be sustainable, but also stand out at the POS? Let’s take a closer look at Fusion Topliner: The double-coated, ultra-bright virgin fibre liner offers excellent finish, quality and strength. Its vibrant finish ensures impressive colour reproduction allowing the product to stand out on the shelves. The use of bleached virgin fibres not only meets the requirements for food safety, but also offers strength benefits against kraftliner and testliner, providing light weighting opportunities.

Available in a number of different substances, Fusion Topliner can be used anywhere and in many different print processes. In the case of offset and flexographic printing, as well as in a digital printing processes, the product achieves outstanding results every time. This makes it perfect for packaging consumer goods, shelf-ready packaging, POS displays, shopping bags and much more.

Request our video to learn more about our Fusion Topliner and why it is superior to coated white top kraftliner, GD liner and coated white top testliner.

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*Source: Smithers Pira study „The future of corrugated packaging to 2023” (2019)