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Six reasons why paperboard packaging is the ideal ambassador for your brand

Is your product unique? Then let your customers know – with packaging made of premium paperboard.


1. Paperboard makes your product highly desirable

Despite a high degree of differentiation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to tell different types of goods apart, and this is where product packaging design can make a crucial difference. It doesn’t necessarily have to represent the product itself – but rather its values. Studies* show that more than a third of shoppers who buy high quality products, regard the packaging as an indicator of product quality. Exclusive paperboard materials, such as Sappi’s Algro Design or Atelier, are a particularly adept at generating a premium quality feel. Visual consistency combined with a wide range of finishing options, deliver an unrivalled multisensory shopping experience. Excellent printing and processing capabilities also offer a high degree of freedom in the packaging design.



2. Paperboard is a communication channel

textbildMany brand managers still underestimate the effect of packaging in the overall marketing mix, yet no other medium is more trusted by consumers than product packaging. Its credibility is almost 200 per cent above the average of other advertising media such as radio, Internet, posters or TV*, and packaging performs above average in the categories of information content, persuasiveness and reliability. Premium paperboards, such as Sappi’s Algro Design or Atelier, deliver excellent printing properties and their ability to present brand messages in a tangible, striking and emotional way makes them particularly suitable for your product communication.



3. Paperboard leaves no questions unanswered

For many product groups, the law requires comprehensive product information and labelling, for example, on ingredients, place of origin, allergens, nutrition declaration or freezing date. In the case of products requiring an explanation, consumers would also like further information on their use, functionality or preparation. Discerning consumers, in particular, will have more confidence in your product if the scope and comprehensibility of such information are optimally designed. Premium paperboard is ideal for conveying all of this information thanks to its excellent printability.


4. Paperboard makes our world a better place

057_packageWhen it comes to packaging, almost every target group now reacts much more consciously than it did just a few years ago. Moving forward, the climate debate and discussion about plastic waste in the oceans will continue to raise consumer awareness. The advantages of paper and paperboard packaging have also caught on with many consumers: ranging from the renewable primary raw material wood to the high recycling rate, which is now 85 per cent throughout Europe. So it’s no wonder that today’s customers like to buy products with a clear conscience and choose those sustainably packaged in paperboard.


5. Paperboard guides your customers

Just imagine a meter-long shelf, filled with products of different brands, qualities and traits at the point of sale. If all these goods were made from a uniform, homogeneous grey packaging, consumers would be completely lost – they would have no idea which product to choose. Consumers first notice your product’s brand identity and characteristics in the retail store, when they see its attractively designed premium paperboard packaging. Also, don’t underestimate how well-designed packaging guides consumers in the online shop either. In an ideal world, consumers perceive your product and its packaging as a single entity.


6. Paperboard is your product’s bodyguard

If it weren’t for packaging, it would be extremely difficult to transport any goods. Paperboard reliably protects your product from external influences. Not only throughout the entire supply chain, but also at the point of sale, when despite numerous eager customers holding your product in their hands and the product packaging still looks as attractive and new as it did on the day of production, regardless of how many times it’s been handled. Furthermore, logistics experts also appreciate the fact that paperboard packaging, despite its protective nature, is relatively lightweight. This not only reduces transport costs, but also provides an additional plus in terms of sustainability.